Hidden Dreams Update! Mods! Summer Games Done Quick!

Hey everyone,  once again we’ve got a whole bunch of news to share. As Zote would say – “Barama!” (rough translation: let’s get this over with)

Hidden Dreams Release Date

This is the immediate big one! Hidden Dreams will now go out to all players on August 3rdIn classic Team Cherry style, this is a little later than we said, but we felt the update needed a little more testing and fine tuning before we send it out. Plus, we may have managed to squeeze a few little unannounced surprises in there!

Thanks for being patient with us, we really hope you all enjoy descending back into the kingdom of Hallownest and hunting down the new secrets!

Hollow Knight at Summer Games Done Quick

SGDQ 2017 was another great event, and this year we had the honour of Hollow Knight being run there, thanks to speedrunner Ourolen (https://www.twitch.tv/ourolen?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss)! What a smashing success this was! Congratulations to all the runners and many thanks to the whole HK running team. Here’s Ourolen and the HK crew in the thick of it:

If you missed out on the event, you can watch Ouro’s full run here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeHHpcI4OXw&utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss

And a follow-up to this: If you’re not already aware, Hollow Knight has an incredibly active community on Discord, with dedicated channels for speed-runners. If you’re interested in giving speed-running go yourself, or just want to talk Hollow Knight, head this way: https://discord.me/hollowknight?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss

More Languages

Languages just keep on coming! Japanese and Italian are just about ready for release. We can confirm Italian will be arriving alongside Hidden Dreams on the 3rd, with Japanese to follow shortly after.


This is about the highest honour a game can receive, and these are now happening in many crazy ways. Here are some recent popular mods. 

Lightbringer: http://www.moddb.com/mods/hollow-knight-lightbringer?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss


Ever feel like your nail lacks range? Like you’d rather impale enemies with a spear of light? Lightbringer changes out your attacks with all new blade/lance/projectiles.

Glass Soul:  http://www.moddb.com/mods/hollow-knight-glass-soul?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss

This one’s just insane. Glass Soul gives you only 1 health to complete the game, yet people play it! And love it, apparently? If you’re one of the slim few that thought Hollow Knight needed extra challenge, then this is the mod for you!


AVCon Banner

Coming this weekend (22-23rd July) is AVCon, our hometown of Adelaide’s very own anime and videogame convention! Team Cherry will be there, showing off Hollow Knight and taking part in a couple of panels. If you’re in South Australia and planning to attend, swing by the Indie Games Room and say hi!

Fan Art

So that’s all for now until we release Hidden Dreams, so let’s close this update off with some more incredible fan art!


Ronan Lynam with the cutest little tableau over on instagram: www.instagram.com/ronanlynam?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss


HK going all grown-up and intimidating by Jumodafoca on deviant art: http://jumodafoca.deviantart.com/art/71-691259213?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss


@glazly on Twitter brought out the physical media for this fancy Marissa fan art.


@mungya_s also on Twitter is keeping the cute in HK.

Rachele Hansen @demonchibix

And last for today, this pair of adorable crocheted knights by Rachele Hansen @demonchibix They’re looking so snug in their little knitted cloaks.

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Blokkan lands on Kickstarter! The Yetee going Retro!

Short update today gang!

Occasionally we spotlight other Kickstarter projects, but today we’re spotlighting a very special one. So special in fact, we’re jumping straight in up front!

Blokkan – The Graphic Novel

Do you like Robots? Do you like foxes? Do you like talking cars? Then this enormous, action-packed graphic novel is for you!

Just look at this giant, colourful, thing. 150+ pages of all Robo-adventure!

Just look at this giant, colourful, thing. 150+ pages of all Robo-adventure!

Blokkan is the work of a single talented artist, Rohan Fraser, and it’s just now launched on Kickstarter. Rohan has an important relationship with Team Cherry: He worked with us in our first ever game jams.

Team Cherry looking all fresh faced. Ari, Rohan (centre) and William during our first game jam.

Team Cherry looking all fresh faced. Ari, Rohan (centre) and William during our first game jam.

While we’ve been busy building Hollow Knight, Rohan’s been hard at work developing his colourful world of robots, humans and more robots! Team Cherry’s devising some top secret plans to work more with Rohan in the future, but for now: Go back his book!

Blokkan on Kickstarter

The Yetee x Hollow Knight

Since our last update, the talented team at The Yetee have launched their incredible range of Hollow Knight Official Tees and Merch. These guys and girls went overboard with Hollow Knight awesomeness.

Though you absolutely must browse the entire collection, we just have to highlight this retro HK shirt by the Yetee’s own Drew Wise. Drew’s making us yearn for the NES era Hollow Knight that should have been.


 Jump over and get shopping!

Micro Update Corner

Steam Summer Sale – Hollow Knight’s been taking part, and Team Cherry’s been thrilled to see a whole wave of new players jump into Hallownest. There’re still a few days left on the sale, so if you’ve any friends who might like exploring enormous, ruined, buggy worlds, please send them over to Steam!

GOG Galaxy – We may have mentioned this in the past, but things are all a blur at Cherry HQ! For Hollow Knight players on GOG: We’ll be implementing the full suite of GOG Galaxy features into Hollow Knight in the near future. Keep an eye out for them.

Playable Hornet – Alongside the 3 content packs, we’re laying the ground-work for Hornet. That’s a huge amount of work, because we’re really going all out on her addition, but we can say ‘It’s going well!’ If Team Cherry goes quiet on Hornet progress for now, just know we’re working hard to make her as fast, fun and lethal as she can be.

Content Pack 01: Hidden Dreams – We’re close on this gang. Internally, we’re almost ready to call the update done, then it’s all testing through to release in a few weeks time. We’ll do an exact date announcement as we get close.

Physical Switch – Team Cherry is often asked whether a physical version of Hollow Knight is coming for Nintendo Switch. In fact, the question keeps filling up our inboxes! While we’re not able to announce anything, we can say we’ve been looking into it making this happen, and things are looking promising!

Fan Art Micro Corner

We’re out of space and time in our Mini-Update to go all fan art crazy, but the pieces just keep pouring in. Today we have to share just one special sculpt by Rahul Parihar. This one really floored us. So many little details. We’re super impressed.

That’s it from TC! We’re rolling into the Hidden Dreams launch. Get your dream nail ready!

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Adelaide Game Playtesting Session – June 2017

In the lead up to the Indie Games Room we’ll be running another play testing event at AIE Adelaide. These events will now be running every 2nd month, instead of every 3rd.

Date: Thursday 13th June 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Location: AIE Adelaide Campus, 32 Grenfell St. Adelaide, SA 5000
Facebook Event and Additional Details

Unfortunately it’s not looking like I’ll have anything to show. Been a bit busy lately with the Indie Games Room (Did you see our the promotional trailer?), Moirai (will post more about soon) and another thing I can’t talk about yet.

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2017 IGR Games and Promotional Trailer Announced

With AVCon less than a month away we’re pleased to share with you our new promotional trailer and announce the over 54 games being exhibited within the room. Special thanks goes out to our sponsor Monkeystack for creating the trailer.

2017 marks the tenth year of The Indie Games Room at Adelaide’s AVCon and our lineup of games is better than ever. This year our lineup includes the surreal, exoplanetary exploration game EXO One, the rip-roaring multiplayer game of goats GoatPunks and Adventure Pals an epic adventure platformer powered by imagination.

You can view the full listing here.

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Hollow Knight: Now in 6 Languages & Part of the Steam Summer Sale!

Hollow Knight in Steam’s Summer Sale

If you’ve ever been on the fence about HK, now’s the time to leap! New languages. New low price. Free Content in July!

4 more languages have been added alongside English and French: German, Chinese, Spanish and Korean.

For the next few weeks, we’ll be keeping the new languages labelled (Beta) as we iron out any last minute issues.

And remember, Free Content Pack 01: Hidden Dreams is right around the corner, bringing new bosses, new upgrades, and more!

Jump over to Steam and begin your journey through Hallownest: http://store.steampowered.com/app/367520/Hollow_Knight/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss





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