film ramble + sketch dump

A little rambling update on my film progress.

It’s been a little tough finding time to work on my project this last month. I’ve actually been trying to manage my intensity of working on my film just out of respect for myself and my stress levels, but also because I do better work when I give myself breaks. On the plus side I’m on the last stretch of animating!! Making 85+ backgrounds polished to my liking however, will be a whole new level of perfectionism for me.

I’m really glad that people like the animation clips Iv’e shared, but I’m going to probably be sharing less until I’m done with it. This is just because the way I work involves jumping all over the place! Nothing is ever truly as polished as it could be until I get absolutely sick of it. I like to see how each scene correlates to others, even from when they are still just rough storyboards. Keeping characters pallets consistent (bless tagged swatches in Animate), making backgrounds also consistent, making characters appear to interact with things/others properly. Oh boy, I was not prepared for the unending list of challenges that have arisen after working on this. Oh and animating chains, yes I have attempted to sloppily animate chains. I would love to write a more coherent post on all the thoughts that have blipped through my head through making this, after I’m done and deserve time to contemplate on it though!  WordPress is a more constructive and thoughtful place for me to share my thoughts, as opposed to social media, eck.

I also have a tendency to get distracted staying up past midnight making clouds and stars move or adding particles in After Effects, when I have to be up for work the next morning*. I often forget it’s an approximately 2 second long shot that people will probably only watch once and shrug at. *Yeah that’s what I mean about managing stress mostly, getting enough sleep.

mmm dust motes are my life

I see a lot of artists online preaching about ‘setting deadlines’ and ‘finishing what you start’. Yeah yeah, preach on. For me this has been about the journey of making more of my own animations, in my own style, in my own idiosyncratic ways. I realised long ago that you can’t just sit around twiddling your thumbs waiting for a guardian angel to float down to bless you with a sweet salary in order to animate your OCs. Life is so short, just make things and block out the excuses some people use to not create. Meeting deadlines for a living is stressful yes. Life is big fat stressy. That’s why it’s great to just work on something at your own pace and explore a multitude of ideas through making it. Also, I still haven’t gotten YouTube Partnership advertising whatnot sorted, so I’ll worry about finishing content once I have that.

It’s daunting to start to see the light at the end of the tunnel for this project. All I can hope is when I’m done with it, all the effort I’ve put into every frame is at least mildly fun for people to watch.

On a site note here’s a odd assortment from ‘recent’ sketchbooks from late last year up until now. I thought I’d share before they get too old and I never post this article. Buying a scanner has changed my life. Don’t let grumpy Officeworks staff say you’re fool for wanting to buying a scanner. Gotta keep creating and stay humble. Thanks for reading~

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Gods & Glory Revealed! Christmas Wrap! Switchy-stuff!

Happy Christmas and New Year gang!

We’re gonna get right into it. It’s time for the huge reveal of Hollow Knight’s third free content pack – Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory. 

This is the big one. Take your place amongst the Gods in an epic celebration of Hallownest’s Glory and the final chapter of the Knight’s journey.

Let’s jump right into the details:

New Character and Quest – The Godseeker arrives (and your romance options expand). Track down this disturbing yet alluring being, break her chains and aid her in an ancient duty.

New Boss Fights – Hallownest’s greatest warriors raise their blades. Prepare yourself for giant new boss fights against the ultimate foes. Each new battle intertwines with the Godseeker’s quest. No specifics on how that’ll happen, but it may not be as you expect!

New Game Mode – Hollow Knight receives a third game mode. This ones been long requested and is a classic for the genre. Complete the Gods & Glory story to unlock the new mode.

New Music – Christopher Larkin is going all out for Hollow Knight’s final free pack, with new soaring boss tracks and giant remixes of some beloved classics.

Glorify Charms – Prove yourself and uncover a whole new depth to your charm collection.

Of course, other surprises will be hiding about the place, but we can’t spoil all the fun!

Gods and Glory can be accessed at any point in your Hollow Knight journey. Prepare to ascend, Early 2018, free for all players!

Early 2018 seems a little vague, right? We’ll there’s an important reason for that. Content Pack 03 is coming together right now. It’s shaping up great (and huge!), but we’ve another even more enormous release to deliver first: Hollow Knight for Nintendo Switch.

As much as we’d have loved to sneak the new content pack in, ready for Switch launch, we’d kill ourselves in the process. Expect Gods & Glory to land free for all players AFTER the initial Switch release.

Switch Update

We’re not quite at that release date announce (getting there!), but we do want to share a quick something: Switch Gameplay!

We don’t normally do the whole camera-over-the-shoulder style video, but HK feels designed for that handheld experience. We’re now hitting our frame-rate targets (Gotta go 60!), load targets and cleaning up lots of little niggling bits alongside some serious testing.

That’s a short update, for a huge release, but please expect more from us soon!

HK Remastered

(HK: Remastered is not official branding! We just thought the text looked cool for the image.)

A major part of our Nintendo Switch development has been a lot of under-the-hood work on HK, and many of those efficiency upgrades and improvements will be flowing through to Windows, Mac & Linux players. Over the next month or so, those updates will start to be made available through our Steam and GOG beta branches for testing on those platforms.

Have an older laptop (Not too old!) or dusty PC you want to try the new and improved Hollow Knight on? Then keep an eye on our twitter @teamcherrygames for updates on when to jump in!

PC Gamer – Best Platformer 2017

Phwoar! We never expected this one, and it’s a huge honour for us to receive the award. All our thanks go out to the PC Gamer crew for playing and enjoying HK as much as they did.

If you’d like to read some very kind words about Hollow Knight, direct from the PC Gamer crew themselves, jump right over:

Post-Christmas Fan Art Wrap

HK fan art hit big through the holiday season. This stuff is so hugely motivating (and humbling) to see. Here are just a few of our faves (All from twitter today):


Tea@Japan‏ is working her artistic magic yet again, this time with two amazing Christmas/New Year pieces!



@inari_09 keeps on delivering, with cool and cute takes on the HK cast.

@TimeLordJikan has been prolific with HK art, this latest featuring a trip through Greenpath and towering Moss Knight.

Sarah Morris‏ @BraveRobynArt with another super stylish Hollow Knight painting, now with Hornet! And ready for battle.

Remember, if you’re doodling any Hollow Knight images yourself (Maybe you’ve created your own buggy-character?) tweet us @teamcherrygames, so we can share your insectoid art with the world!

And done! Wowza. Gods & Glory is grand, gold and on its way. Switch is consuming our (tiny) office. We didn’t even speak of Hornet, but huge things are brewing for her and her adventure. That’s it for now, but we’ll be back soon with all the insecty news (And game releases) you can handle!

We’re out!

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