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  • WHO: Games Of Edan
  • WHAT: “ICEBOX: Speedgunner” now on brand new stores
  • WHEN: US (PDT) – October 27th 2017 
  • PRICE: USD $9.99




Adelaide, Australia (ACDT) Oct 27th – Developer Games Of Edan today announced the release of “ICEBOX: Speedgunner” on new Stores, and The stores are now live with a shiny new trailer. Purchase from any of these stores to receive a DRM-free version and a Steam Key.

ICEBOX: Speedgunner sees the player carving an ice-cool path through a brand new 3D Platforming FPS, cutting corners, dodging obstacles & eliminating guards, in a battle to escape the ICEBOX, before it’s permanently shut down. The player will race the clock, hunt the Central AI and leverage run-and-gun gameplay to navigate a digital labyrinth, top the global leaderboards and become the Ultimate Speedgunner. Inspired by the “Brain in a Vat” thought-experiment, the game explores the concept of escaping your own virtual prison.

Sam is the architect of the ICEBOX, a covert technology designed to control the human mind. But he always feared his invention may fall into the wrong hands. So he planted secret backdoors as insurance against any personal incarceration. On the eve of final testing, the technology was stolen and Sam’s son was kidnapped. The child’s brain was wired into the ICEBOX in a failed attempt to decrypt the system. The child was soon forgotten, resigned to a protracted hibernation.

After years of inactivity, the ICEBOX was suddenly restarted…

The player is cast as Sam’s son, initially trapped inside the ICEBOX. But with the help of an outside hacker, they’ll embark on a quest to destroy the Central AI and escape the ICEBOX before time runs out.


  • SPEEDRUNNING: Race the clock to become the Ultimate Speedgunner
  • RUN-AND-GUN: 3D platforming combined with fast-and-light FPS
  • GLITCH MODE: Manipulate time, gravity and engage protective shields
  • DOUBLE-JUMPS: Carve an ice-cool path using double-jumps
  • DYNAMIC MUSIC: Dynamically managed using an ‘intensity’ meter
  • IN GAME NARRATOR: Get assistance from an outside hacker
  • LEADERBOARDS: Compare your mastery on the global leaderboards
  • GAME+ MODE: Random World Seeds, Dash Boost and Free Flight



Games of Edan ( is headed by Carmine Fantarella (@CFantarella), a self-funded independent games developer from Adelaide, Australia. His 20 year working life as a former Electronic Engineer, Software Contractor, and Property Developer, has lead to the release of his first commercial title ICEBOX: Speedgunner. Games Of Edan is named after Carmine’s young son and ICEBOX is based on the colloquial terms for solitary confinement (namely Hotbox and The Cooler). Carmine started programming a long time ago, making text-based adventures on his Commodore 64, and reminisces about playing the original Wolfenstein, Doom & Duke Nukem 3d. Nowadays, he’s a full-time games developer, husband and stay-at-home dad who enjoys interleaving games development with raising his son.  


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ICEBOX v1.0.30 Update

Hi everyone,

v1.0.30 is now available on Steam

It includes some small changes to the game. Read on to find out what’s inside.


main changes involve reduced timeouts on Steam Leaderboards &
fixing a bug where Leaderboards would be ‘double-loaded’ in Steam.

most of these changes should not create any noticeable differences to
players, but if you do come across an issue please send an email to

Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue with double-loading leaderboard for Steam version
  • Reduced
    leaderboard timeout to 10s. Sometimes Steam can take it’s time updating
    the leaderboard. Hopefully the previous bullet point will help.
  • Preparing OSX & Linux builds
  • Changed default Cursor dimensions to make for a reasonable size on OSX
  • Changed File Verification system to operate differently for different platforms.
  • Minor changes to the key-binding controls menu.
  • Adding Czech translations. Still more work needs to be done here.

Thank you for supporting the game!

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The Grimm Troupe Release Date! Inktober! PAX Aus Speedrun!

Today’s update is a short, spooky announce!

Get ready gang! The Grimm Troupe, HK’s second free content pack, will descend for PC, Mac & Linux players on October the 26th!

The Grimm Troupe will arrive as a free update for Steam and GOG players. For DRM Free players through Humble Bundle, an updated version of the game will be made available at the same time through your humble link.

For GOG players, we’ve added in the full GOG Galaxy feature set, so get ready to see those achievements popping, and your saves safely backed up in a cloud somewhere!

That’s the big news, but we just have to fit in a few small things before we dash back to work:


October is becoming the artsiest time of the year thanks to Inktober, in which creative types from across the globe pull out their pens and brushes to produce 30 pieces of original work. Hollow Knight’s been getting lots of love through the month, so we’re going to spotlight a few of our faves.

Talented Aussie artist @CrikeyDave shared this fearsome (Yet still cute!) artwork of HK!
Talented Aussie artist @CrikeyDave shared this fearsome (Yet still cute!) artwork of HK!


@DanielJavelli took a colourful approach to HK and its world.
@DanielJavelli took a colourful approach to HK and its world.


Eric Spitler’s captured the Last Stag in action. @ericspitlerart
Eric Spitler’s captured the Last Stag in action. @ericspitlerart


Hornet looking just as lethal in human form thanks to @Saroiyan
Hornet looking just as lethal in human form thanks to @Saroiyan


While we’re on the creative kick, we also just had to share these two amazing, recent fan arts:

The most intimidating Soul Master we’ve ever seen, thanks to @Aaron_Draws8 on Twitter.
The most intimidating Soul Master we’ve ever seen, thanks to @Aaron_Draws8 on Twitter.


A serene moment with Quirrel beside the blue lake, by @zzekRain
A serene moment with Quirrel beside the blue lake, by @zzekRain


Hollow Knight Speedrun at PAX Aus

PAX Australia begins in Melbourne on the 27th of this Month, just one day after Grimm’s big debut. Team Cherry won’t be showing Hollow Knight at the Con (We’re holding off till we can show everyone the Switch version!), but the game is still present in one very important way: Speedrunning!

Hollow Knight will be run at PAX on Sunday the 29th by Simo, creator of HK’s Discord(, and one of our favourite people! Team Cherry is trying to squeeze in an ultra-quick trip over to Melbourne to watch the run. If you’re attending the show, then you Must Be There!

Last Screen-Prints Are Sent!

For $75 and above Backers the final screen-print design is now printed, signed and delivered! For the few of you that have yet to receive a print, please allow 4 weeks for them to arrive.

The only remaining rewards to send out are artworks for a few of our highest-tier backers, specifically: watercolours of their upcoming bosses! With the bosses landing alongside Hornet and her adventure, backers can expect to receive those watercolours at the same time. Everyone else, get ready to face these fierce new adversaries armed with needle and thread!

That’s it gang! Short and sharp. Holloween is almost upon us.

Till next time 😉


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