The first post of many!As the description says, we’re Bill and…

The first post of many!

As the description says, we’re Bill and Jason and we’re in the very early stages of concepting a fun game idea. It’s a puzzle-based interactive story kinda game. You play as a little ghost who can interact with the world and affect the lives of the characters he haunts. The order you do things and the way in which the little residents react dictates the eventual outcome. You mostly wanna make everyone happy, but because of the branching story lines, there are a huge number of possibilities!

We want to make it beautiful with tons of funny animation. We’re looking forward to sharing the development as as we go along 🙂

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Music, Script and Culture.

I’ve drawn a variety of fictional musical instruments for the world of Soratobu Kaichuu. Non-player characters in game will play instruments like these providing the backing music.

Fue(from Japanese: 笛・ふえ)


Biil (from Chinese: 篳篥


There are more! See below:

Du Danpin and Cu Danpin (Dan from Vietnamese for “String”, Pin for the resonator, “Du” from Danish for “2″, Cu for 3, specifying resonator number)




Based on an American Indian water drum. Wikipedia: “The Ojibwa, Odawa and Pottawatomii called them midegwakikoon, with “Mide” referring to Midewiwin”
I tested this out with a bit of string coming out of the drum (made of a tupperware bowl) to lever it partly out of the water and it makes very lovely “popping”, “woopy” sounds like Tabla.



These are based on wooden Clapsticks of various indigenous Australian nations. In the Yolngu language they are called “Bimli”, but the language of this world has no strong “B” sound, and “Cimli” sounds more onomatopoeic. 

I invented a script for use in the game. Most of the characters are simplified versions of Japanese characters, or taken straight from English. They are then written in boxes similarly to the Korean alphabet. See below for coarse ascii graphics:
|    Consonant | Vowel    |
| ___Final Character___ |

It’s kind of secondary to the gameplay but the sounds and sound combinations play an important part in how characters speak. Plus it’s cool just to see fancy signs drawn up with a unique language.

Keep in mind not all characters will use this language. Some of the more “advanced” parts of civilisation use Japanese, including the Japanese writing system. Who knows what brought Japanese to these parts but it’s one of the few ways the world of Soratobu Kaichuu is linked to our own.

Here’s my source sheet of paper for sketching the instruments, featuring the “alphabet”:


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