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So I never really used this stuff in the past and now that I have I feel stupid for not doing it earlier. This has actually really helped with one of my game websites, as I post on different social media’s be it Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or other media’s. What’s really interesting is when you look at your statistics and see what different avenues people in the world come from, like when I see people form Norway coming from my posts on Twitter.

It is this kind of information that has motivated me even more. Knowing that I have had even 5 views on the website makes me more determined to complete my projects and get more views

On that note here is the project I am working on.

Little Space Adventure

If anyone also gets the time maybe check out the sub-reddit for Blurift

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Back to this place

Well it has been a while since I have posted, but gladly I have been hard at work at University and working on some game projects with Blurift Entertainment still.

The current side project I have been working on is Little Space Guy, you can visit if you would like to see it’s progress. The engine that is used for LSG was made by using Monogame, now while this was a great choice at the time, me and the guy who helped make it mimicked a lot of features used in Unity3d. Unity now has it’s own 2d system so I will be learning that after I finish the current project.

On the note of my zombie project Instincts we put this on hold while we were going too switch to our new engine. This has been changed again thanks to Unity and its 2d enhancements.

From now on I will try and keep more active on the blogging and may even do a video dev session down the track,

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Game Rant

Game Rant offers the latest in upcoming games, consoles and gaming news.
Gaming news, reviews, game trailers, videos, and updates on the latest games from Xbox, Playstation, PC, Wii, DS, Android, and Apple.

Game Rant was born from the desire to bring the same news, reviews and opinionated editorial to the video game arena that Screen Rant brings to movie and TV news.The goal at Game Rant is to cover video game news, previews and reviews by doing more than rehashing the same info as other publications. We take an editorial approach to all content, adding insight, background and analysis to generate worthwhile and original reading material for gamers to dissect and discuss.” – Game Rant

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Learn Anything in 20 Hours

There was a TED talk, by Josh Kaufman “Learn anything in 20 hours”. He explains, step by step how it can be achieved.
Essentially, it’s the emotional barriers that get us, that stop us from reaching our potential. I find the best method is to try to do something smaller and build on it. Focus on something basic but useful, and go from there. Maybe try an hour or two and see how that goes.
Also, this is related
After Josh learned the ukelele, I decided to learn guitar, properly. I had been playing for a while, but never really got into it, played chords or anything. So I started with the Axis of Awesome, and learned the four chords: G, D, Em, C. Then Am, E, Fmaj and so on. I managed to improve quite a bit from before. That’s the thing though, once you give it a bit of effort you get quite a bit better, then it’s just refining and improving your skill.
Start out small, and build on it. Sometimes our ability is often not fully realized; once you realize that you can learn nearly anything. It really does begin with a single step.

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I saw this the other day in town, a little surprised memes actually exist outside the internet.
I’ve set up a board at uni with memes in my work room. So it turns out, searching Architecture memes only ends in despair, sadness and tears. They’re not jokes; they’re warnings.

I did manage to find a few though. Obscure architecture memes that only a few arch students would actually get. And those that did would only find them slightly amusing.
They were inoffensive so they wouldn’t be taken down. After a month or so, someone decided to steal ALL the memes. My response was this.
Seems to have worked.

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So I return…

Arkansang here.
 I tried out WordPress. While it was a great site I felt Blogspot better suited Link Aurora. So now we’re here. There’s irony to be felt here somewhere.
Anyway. I will continue to use Aoror as more of a standard blog rather than a site like Link Aurora. So really I’m writing on both now.
If you want to feature a site, project or topic or generally to chat, email me at
Climactically, here is Grieg’s ‘I Dovregubbens Hall’ (In the hall of the Mountain King).
This is the song that you’ve probably heard but may or not know the name of. Most likely from a movie, as around 72% of movies feature at least part of this song. Okay, that wasn’t a real statistic.
Movies/Games/Pop Culture references here.

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Dota Analytics Privacy Policy


Dota Analytics stores downloaded match history locally for faster access, and for accessing while offline. It only uses publicly available data as per the Valve privacy policy ( and the target user’s personal settings within Dota 2. All data gathered, stored and generated is never sent elsewhere and is never stored outside of the user’s private device.

Dota Analytics will also store a list of previously used IDs for efficiency purposes. These are also never sent elsewhere and are not collated or seen by any device other than the one they are generated on.


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So the time has come for me to migrate across to WordPress. Link Aurora featured articles, games, sites, both week both popular and lesser known. I will continue posting similar material, and hopefully more interesting topics. While Blogspot was a great platform which I highly recommend, WordPress will allow me to expand with more posts and greater variety, and will fulfill my life (ok, maybe not that).

For now I intend to keep up Linkaurora as it is (along with the 25 or so posts I have written since August, and continue on with Aoror (which is pretty much the same thing).
Anticlimactically, here is a picture of a cat trying to eat a piano.


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Unity Scripting Tutorial: Script to script functions

Ok so too start off we want our first script. We will go into the Unity GUI and create a new script ASSET and call it CameraControl. For argument sake lets say we want to shake the camera each time the engine calls update.

So now we need to make a script called CameraShake. Inside this script we will put an extra function called ShakeCamera

public void ShakeCamera()
    //Code goes here

The code above is just a place holder function we use for the purposes of this tutorial.

Now once both these scripts are made we add them to a camera object.


Notice the 2 bottom components. This allows for both of them to access the public methods and variables of one another.

We now go back to the CameraControl script and go in to the update method. Inside we write

CameraShake cameraShake = GetComponent<CameraShake>() as CameraShake;


What the code above does is defines a CameraShake script variable and get the component called CameraShake from the components connected to the object. Once we have this variable we can call and of its public functions.

imageThe final CameraControl script should look like the image above (Or at least something relatively close to it.).

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