supanova adelaide caricatures

Just a dump of some of my fave caricatures I did at Supanova Adelaide this year.I drew approximately 63 people over the weekend and it was a crazy good con, thanks to everyone that was brave enough to sit for me! I was feeling really worn out doing cons lately ( so much effort/time goes into prep + im stubborn about what i draw fanart for) but last weekend really re-motivated me. Fanart obviously attracts people over to any con table, but over the years caricaturing has really become my main reason for doing cons. It’s so immensely rewarding to have people interested in original art. Drawing portraits (especially doubles) in about 10-15 minutes is always tough but I’ve improved so much from the challenge of doing it.

I may live in Sydney at the moment, but care a lot about the art scene/community/other stuff happening in Adelaide. I might do only Adelaide cons for awhile (Oz Comic con + Supanova) since the crowds are so nice, plus I get to visit my family, so thanks again everyone! I do these all with a Kuretake pen and cool grey Copics…. and lots of ink refill breaks.

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illustration dump

Here’s a small dump of some illustrations from some months ago. I love making up characters, but also trying to create mood with light and color is another challenge. I would like to achieve something sorta cinematic feel with my illustrations someday, although at the same time I just love the simple elegance of line drawings as well.

On another update, I’m making rapid progress on my own personal animated film project. Its taken a lot of sweat and tears to do the amount of animation Iv’e done on it so far, but I still have a long way to go till I’m really happy with it. I’d like to start sharing more gifs and film-grabs once It gets closer to being finished, so watch this spot!

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Music Game Jam 2017

I joined a game jam team working on a game for Music Game Jam 2017.

Rules of the jam were to make something music themed over 72 hours. Our goal was a rhythm based game where you move to the beat of the music. 

 I wrote 5 different short pieces of loopable music for 5 different levels.

 I tried to make the beats recognisable and not too up-tempo. No polyrhythmic, complex time signatures here…! Although that would have been cool.

The only bit of art I was given was the idea of the main playable character: a cute but deadly bear with a sword.

I took some inspiration from Donkey Kong Country (the use of hand-drums and “human” instruments). I imagined the music to be somewhat SNESish but with nods to the NES also with synth melodies using NES style wave-shapes. As a side note I do quite like the work of David Wise!

Unfortunately a working game did not come to fruition. Oh well!

Check ’em out:

This one I intended for either the title screen music or level one:

And the other 4:

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DIY Mic Blimp

I build this DIY microphone blimp for field recording.

Materials used:
 – wire mesh
 – wire
 – elastic from ebay
 – Rode deadcat
 – pine for the handle

The pine handle was shaped with a saw and rasp mainly. It has a small coat of shellac.

It works pretty good but its a bit rattly when I jiggle it around. Some glue or similar on the wires on the handle could help.

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Weekly Sound Design Challenge FB group

I setup a Facebook group for people to share small sound-design projects to learn from one another. I’m thinking at the moment the format will be a weekly challenge in the form of sentence. The first is “The sound of electric birds in an impossible space” which was a suggestion from someone on another FB group.

A number of people have posted their version of the bird swarm so far. I find it interesting to read about the process others have used.

Should be interesting going forward. = )

 – Wim

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Adelaide Game Playtesting Session – September 2017

Next week there is going to be another games playtesting event at AIE. This one is going to start half an hour earlier than our previous events.

Date: Thursday 28th July 6:00pm – 8:30pm
Location: AIE Adelaide Campus, 32 Grenfell St. Adelaide, SA 5000
Facebook Event for additional details

I’ve been busy with prepping Expand for PS4 lately and so I may not have a new thing to show. After a conversation at the most recent ARGGGH gathering I decided that I will finish a thing I started about a year ago. Here’s a screenshot.

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Expand is coming to PS4 on October 3rd

Surprise! We’ve been working with Ukiyo Publishing and BlitWorks (porting) to bring Expand to the PS4.

Expand on PlayStation 4 will support extras with:

  • PlayStation Trophies
  • A bundle package with the game’s soundtrack
  • New language support in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

The game plays really well with the PlayStation 4 controller and BiltWorks have done an amazing job with the port. We’re really keen to expose the game to a new audience of players.

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