Changes to SA Women in Games

2017 is a year of change for SA Women in Games. We will no longer be organising and running the Annual SA Women in Games Networking Event. While this event has brought the community closer together and rallied behind our female developers, it is not enough.

With this event officially scrapped, our focus is now solely on establishing funds to directly assist female developers across South Australia. Funds will be distributed to applicants on the basis of merit and can potentially be used for:

  • travel and accommodation costs related to industry events
  • passes to industry events
  • professional development activities

I am taking steps to lobby funds from state government and local council, moving away from the reliance of sponsored funds from local development studios. This initiative will hopefully be up and running by late Q3 or early Q4 of 2017.

The SA Women in Games quarterly meetups will however still continue as the community has relayed the benefit of these sessions.

In the aim of fostering equality for all, it is my end goal for this initiative to not be restricted to only female identifying applicants and be open to all developers across SA. 

Emilia Chignola
Founder of SA Women in Games
& IGDA SA Board Member

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