hypertensiongamedev: One thing I like about Blender is just…


One thing I like about Blender is just how customizable it is. Here’s some add‑ons that I made that made my life easier when I’m making animations. I released all of these in MIT License so feel free to make use of them!


ToggleGhostFrames.py: Re-assignable hotkey for toggling visibility of Ghost Frames for current Armature. By default it’s assigned to F. I use this to quickly see if the arc of my weapon swings look right. I got tired of having to use the GUI for this, cause it’s taking me out of the zone when I want to concentrate on the animating, so I made a hotkey for it.


RestPoseToggle.py: Re-assignable hotkey for toggling between Rest and Pose Mode for selected Armature. By default it’s assigned to Shift-Q. This is just one of those things that I felt like having when I’m working on the rig.


SelectedKeyframesLength.py: Show number of frames of selected keyframes. Info is displayed at the rightmost area of the Dopesheet Header. I use this to check how long my attack swings or recovery periods are, so when I’m making an attack combo where I want the swings to take the same time, I use this.

If you need help installing Blender add-ons, here’s a simple guide:

  1. Open your User Preferences window
  2. Go to the Add-ons tab
  3. Click on the “Install from File…” button at the bottom and choose the file. It may be a .py file, or a .zip or .rar archive (you can select archives and Blender will extract it automatically for you).
  4. To see the new addons, you may need to view only the “Testing” level add-ons. Or you could search for it by name using the search textbox at that upper-left area.
  5. Once you find the add-on you want, click on their checkbox at the upper-right corner to enable them.
  6. Click on “Save User Settings” so that Blender remembers your enabled add-ons.

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