ICEBOX v1.0.30 Update

Hi everyone,

v1.0.30 is now available on Steam

It includes some small changes to the game. Read on to find out what’s inside.


main changes involve reduced timeouts on Steam Leaderboards &
fixing a bug where Leaderboards would be ‘double-loaded’ in Steam.

most of these changes should not create any noticeable differences to
players, but if you do come across an issue please send an email to

Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue with double-loading leaderboard for Steam version
  • Reduced
    leaderboard timeout to 10s. Sometimes Steam can take it’s time updating
    the leaderboard. Hopefully the previous bullet point will help.
  • Preparing OSX & Linux builds
  • Changed default Cursor dimensions to make for a reasonable size on OSX
  • Changed File Verification system to operate differently for different platforms.
  • Minor changes to the key-binding controls menu.
  • Adding Czech translations. Still more work needs to be done here.

Thank you for supporting the game!

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