Instincts Public Prototype

The last week has been quite productive, I have worked on quite a few things such as getting The ranged weapons and ammo working as well as redoing the character system to not use any buffer calls in unity.

The reason for doing this with characters is that I found when someone joined it didn’t account for respawns of old characters. So when a server receives a new player request it will get a new networkViewID with the Request and assign it to a new character object and tell each other client joined to make this new GamObject and also tell the new joined players about all the other players that are active. This system was a lot easier to set up then I thought.

What happens next is hopefully starting to set up some playable builds that run over the LAN and anyone that can host public IP’s, this will then be used as the prototype that will hopefully entice people to look further into the development of this game.

After getting LAN working server side inventory management will be next on the list to add.

So all in all the prototype should have these features.

  • LAN servers
  • Inventory Management
  • Simple Ranged Weapons/Ammo
  • Simple Food/Survival system.

Things that are planned at the moment are

  • Crafting
  • Building
  • Server side inventory
  • Server character saving

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