Little Space Adventure

So I’ve been working like a slave on this. trying to get the project finished so I can move onto a bigger team project, and to be honest it’s been going pretty well.

Haven’t had many problems. Though I did have to change the whole way my weapons and parts worked because we added shields in to the mix of available parts. Thankfully a lot of this was pre calculated so it wasn’t as big of a job as it could of been.

The other thing I have been trying to do is get the background paralaxing just right, but this has been a lot harder then I thought. The stars are always moving too fast or too slow I can never get them to look just right.

At the moment it looks like a December 8th release for Little Space Adventure and I think this is generous really, now that I have heaps of time free because the Uni semester has finished.

So I hope to see all you people at least breaking one high score.

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