New solo game project

Anti Gravity Legends Website


SSGX is quite fun but it doesn’t make me any money, and I’m soon going to be leaving university. I figured it was high time I start a real life project for myself, with the intention of really going somewhere productive with it.

I’ve been working on the basics for Anti Gravity Legends for a few months now. One of the things I learned from SSGX was to make your presence known as early as humanely possible, so I’ve been posting some of the development of it on Twitter.  But now that it’s starting to take shape, I went ahead and created a website for it, too.

The site only has one page on it right now, explaining what I want to do. But it’s a start, and I have a home base now that I can send people who are interested in the project. 🙂

Check out AG Legends here: Anti Gravity Legends

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