supanova adelaide caricatures

Just a dump of some of my fave caricatures I did at Supanova Adelaide this year.I drew approximately 63 people over the weekend and it was a crazy good con, thanks to everyone that was brave enough to sit for me! I was feeling really worn out doing cons lately ( so much effort/time goes into prep + im stubborn about what i draw fanart for) but last weekend really re-motivated me. Fanart obviously attracts people over to any con table, but over the years caricaturing has really become my main reason for doing cons. It’s so immensely rewarding to have people interested in original art. Drawing portraits (especially doubles) in about 10-15 minutes is always tough but I’ve improved so much from the challenge of doing it.

I may live in Sydney at the moment, but care a lot about the art scene/community/other stuff happening in Adelaide. I might do only Adelaide cons for awhile (Oz Comic con + Supanova) since the crowds are so nice, plus I get to visit my family, so thanks again everyone! I do these all with a Kuretake pen and cool grey Copics…. and lots of ink refill breaks.

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