Well its been a long time since my last post, to be honest the happy holidays have taken a lot of…

Well its been a long time since my last post, to be honest the happy holidays have taken a lot of time away from me, but let’s get to something you want to read. 

I have been working with the new Unity3d 2d tools, and after some learning curves I have come to really enjoy the speed in which I have been able to port the survival game Instincts to it. I have so far worked on the item and inventory system, networking and server infrastructure and some basic ai and combat.

Over the last few weeks I have been struggling on different ways I could do the items that are dropped by players or item spawners in the world and how to handle them over the network. I first wanted to make an item class that just got attached to a game object in the world, this seamed like a great idea but was harder then I expected to get working in unity. I found it was going to be too time consuming to make each item inside a class with each item description since this way I couldn’t use Item prefabs, what I decided to do was make each item a prefab that doubled as the item drop container for the world also and once it was transferred to a players inventory the game object would be deleted and only the Item script would be kept by the player. Each item has a script attached with a control list which allows me to give each item a different function such as being disposable or melee or ranged weapons or usable items like torches.

The prefab system has ended up working very well so far in the game and is working well over the network in multi-player also.

Here is a picture of two players and one with a torch and some simple AI.


There is definitely a long way to go but I am impressed what will be able to be accomplished with some more hard work.

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